Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Izannah Walkers Second Skin

My Izannah Walker style doll received her "second skin" today. The material is a little heavy but durable. I wasn't sure how I would attach it to her shoulder plate area, but I finally decided to "sew" it in place just under the shoulder area.  I just don't like glue. Since this is my own design....I just wasn't sure how it was done.  My hand stitching may not have been the greatest....but I did a backstitch and it did the trick! 

I painted some of the detail to her little ringletts...I'm learning :)


Monica Johansson said...

She looks beautiful! I like her happy little smile! Monica

Mary Ann said...

She looks wonderful. So much work though:)

thestitchfiddler said...

Hi Ladies, Thank-you for your nice comments on my first Izannah! These little dollies take a while to make, but so much fun!

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