Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yesterday I finished sewing her bonnet or as some call it coif and her pilgrim collar. She is quite the lady with her Pilgrim costume which consists of a skirt, coat jacket, blouse, petticoat, pantaloons, apron, bonnet and collar. The jacket and skirt are a beautiful wool blend fabric. The jacket laces up the front and is fully lined in satin.

She is my first Pilgrim doll and she was a delight to make for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I wish I had time to make more, but I need to start Christmas dolls.

Folk Art Pilgrim Doll by Bethann Scott "The Stitch Fiddler" ©2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Scarecrow by Bethann Scott

 I love these Folk Art Scarecrow dolls. I finally have it down to a science! I've tried different paint colors and love this one. I mix it up with a little water and add a secret ingredient at the end of drying time. He has a hood and black leather hat.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Folk Art Scarecrow by Bethann Scott

My first Scarecrow for 2012. Last year I only made a few of these dolls so I thought I would get an early start.

Monday, June 4, 2012

NEW DOLL~Izannah Walker Inspired Doll~ Bethann Scott

Izannah Walker Style Doll By Bethann Scott
 Surprise! I decided to keep this gal in hiding until she was finished. I made a couple of changes to her dress. I added more to the skirt to make it fuller this time. I did the cartridge pleating at the waist but added about 10 more inches to the width. It worked!
Izannah Walker Style Doll by Bethann Scott
I love the black and white reproduction fabric. It is a beautiful print with leaves and I think they are berries. I trimmed the neck, sleeve cuffs and waist with black cotton bias. I almost gave her a cape....but maybe next time.
Izannah Walker Inspired Doll by Bethann Scott ©2012
 Instead of  the cape I was thinking about....she received a white linen bonnet. I think I made the straps a little long...but I always seem to start with no pattern and have to come up with my own. I just can't seem to find clothing patterns for these type of dolls on the internet. Just as well...because I like designing my own.
Izannah Walker Inspired Doll by Bethann Scott ©201

Friday, June 1, 2012


Where in the world did I get ALL these Buttons? I had no clue I had soooo many buttons. I have been stashing buttons away for years.

I pick up a jar of buttons here and there at estate sales, yard sales or thrift shops. Many times those who know I sew give me there stash.

I had to use my computer desk to even sort some more. I was looking for the vintage shell buttons when the idea to sort all these buttons came to mind. Wow! what a job. I'm still not done but it's a good start. I had to start color coding.

Hopefully the next time I need a particular button, this will simplify matters. I sorted for hours and still didn't finish the job. I still have more jars...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Izannah Walker Inspired Doll is finished!

Izannah Walker Inspired Doll by Bethann Scott

My Izannah Walker Inspired Doll is completed. This doll is sold.

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Newest Izzy Almost Done!

 Today I finished her dress today. It's cotton with tiny pink roses.The cartridge pleating was quite interesting. Paula Walton shared a wonderful tutorial for the pleating technique.

Izannah Walker Style Doll

I chose the vintage white crocheted lace for the trim on her petticoat. I had to carefully remove it from a tattered and torn piece of linen. I never jeopardize or destroy any type of vintage or antique linens to make my doll clothing. I use linens that are beyond repair.

I took several photographs while hand sewing the dress for Izzy. To the right is a photo of me sewing the pleated skirt to the bodice. There are a couple of changes I will make the next time I do the pleating. For one, I found that the dress skirt was not as full as I would like it to have been. I used the suggestion of 3x the waist/bodice measurement, but there wasn't enought fullness. Must be due to her tiny waist!
Cartridge Pleating by Bethann Scott "The Stitch Fiddler"

Bethann Scott "The Stitch Fiddler" ©2102
I also added a false hem to the underside of her  dress. Iused a beautiful double pink cotton with tiny flowers.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

LACE LACE SURROUNDED BY LACE ~The Stitch Fiddler~ Izannah Walker Inspired Doll

Last night I finished sewing her "hand sewn" pantaloons using white linen and added four pintucks. I also finished her white linen petticoat with a single button closure all hand sewn. I'm trying to decide  which lace, among all these hand crocheted laces, to trim the petticoat. Over the years I've gathered up a stash of vintage lace.  Some of the lace is done by tatting...very tiny.

My sewing room is in disarray at the moment.
Izannah Walker Inspired Doll by Bethann Scott ©2012

Izanna Walker Inspired Doll by Bethann Scott ©2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today I finished my first ever all Hand Sewn garment. The garment I chose to do first is an chemise. Every inch is completely hand sewn and let me tell you it took quite some time. I've been to the local library to research how they look, how they were sewn and with what type of fabric. From all the information I gathered, this is what I came up with for my new Izannah Walker style doll. I sewed in the arm gussets and the skirt gores for an authentic look. All the interior seams are flat felled and yes by hand! Whewww!
Izannah Walker Inspired Doll by Bethann Scott "The Stitch Fiddler" ©2012

Izannah Walker Style Doll by Bethann Scott ©2012

I was sooo inspired by all the books I checked out and now have the hand sewing bug. I still have quite a bit of work to accomplish. She needs her shoes painted on, pantaloons, petticoat, and then I am working on a new dress that will have cartridge pleating. WOW! After hand stitching this one small garment, I surely applaud all those wonderful ladies from years gone by who diligently sewed all their clothing.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Folk Art Rabbit Girl by Bethann Scott

To celebrate Spring, even though it snowed today, I thought I would make a couple Bunny Rabbit Dolls. This time I decided to make a "Girl" bunny. She has Rusty Wire Whiskers. She is holding a basket with three wooden eggs decorated with crackle paint. The basket is trimmed with ribbon, rick rack, and a rusty heart!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Izannah Walker Inspired Doll

Well here she is. It's been a tough journey the last two days. I've been working on this bonnet which is my first fashion bonnet. I've made a sunbonnet before but this is completely different.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

~Izannah Walker~"Sneak Peak" ~

Izannah Walker Inspire Doll by Bethann Scott "The Stitch Fiddler" ©2012
Here's a Sneak Peak of my newest Izannah Walker inspired doll. I need to hem the sleeves and dress. I may also make her a bonnet. Hope to be done tonight.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


                             I've been busy working on this adorable Americana Bunny Rabbit. He is made using coffee stained Osnaburg fabric. His navy blue top hat and coat jacket are made using a piece of soft brushed upholstery fabric. I bought a huge box of samples and this is one of them. His trousers are a striped corduroy and I accented that hat with a matching piece of fabric. He is all dressed up and ready for that special Americana Day.                    

This Rabbit was a custom order that has sold. I hope to make more like him soon!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Folk Art African American Doll with Sunflower Dress


African-American Folk Art Doll
   I sewed another African American Folk Art Doll (practicing my own pattern before offering for sale). She is wearing a bright and cheerful SUNFLOWER DRESS! I will be out of state for the next couple of weeks visiting  my daughter and  grandaughter....hope to take lots of pictures. Once I get home I will be sewing up a storm and working on another Izannah Walker doll.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Folk Art African American Cloth Dolls by Bethann Scott "The Stitch Fiddler" ©2012
Today I was sitting in my sewing room looking at these two dolls and decided to do a photo shoot sitting on an antique oak bench that is part of this wonderful 100 year old woodwork.                                     Now that they are together, you can see the difference in the two dolls. It looks like a mother and daughter doll set.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I finished my Izannah Walker Inspired Doll today. She's wearing a beautiful dress with orange and mustard floral print. Underneath she has all the proper underpinnings: a chemise, pantaloons, and a petticoat. This doll is SOLD.

Izannah Walker Inspired Doll by Bethann Scott "The Stitch Fiddler" ©2012