Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Using Creative Paper Clay, the class was given step by step instructions to sculpt the dolls features by a process of building the clay. After a few days of adding bits of clay here and there, I waited for the clay to dry and hoping for a face that resembles the doll we are working on.

Flat Brat Ankie Daanen Class Work In Progress by Bethann Scott


Mary Ann said...

I think it looks amazing:) I wanted to take this class too but I have too much going on at the moment. I'm will be interested to hear what you say about using the water colours.

Shashi Nayagam said...

It is looking good

Chip Butter said...

You have done a wonderful job with the clay. I am anxious to see the face after the painting with watercolors.

The Stitch Fiddler said...

Thank-you Mary Ann, Shashi and Mary.

As soon as the paints arrive, I'm going to experiment on a dry piece of paper I don't ruin the face. Hopefully the results will be good.

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