Saturday, March 28, 2015


The class was instructed to use neutral or pastel cotton fabrics. I found it difficult to sew these neutral fabrics together, but I must remember the purpose for this class is to learn seam template design on a basic block.

 My basic block framed with my first stitches. It's plane Jane for now and I hope it gets better along the way.

I pulled out my stash of beads, thread and pendants and purchased a few more for this class.

This is my first attempt at embroidery and I finally got over the fear of making a "French Knot".
A big "Thank-You" to Mary Ann for posting Kathy Shaw's Basic Quilting Course on her blog "My Tate Gallery" ( Mary Ann is always so good at keeping her readers/blog friends informed of new courses and classes. She has a lovely blog.


Sherri Farley said...


Chip Butter said...

Beautiful! A step out of the old box...what fun!

Mary Ann said...

It looks fabulous :) ...and, thank you for the lovely comments. I found the silk ribbon embroidery a bit scary but I got the hang of it in the end. It just takes practice.

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