Friday, April 15, 2016

Re-visiting a Pattern

 It doesn't seem to take long for my doll studio to become cluttered. I really need a bigger studio. As I was organizing I found myself flipping through some old patterns I purchased years ago. Among one of the patterns was a doll called "Under the Harvest Moon" by Deanna Hogan. I made three dolls using this pattern and then put it away and moved on.

But it wasn't long before the organizing stopped and the muslin was on my craft table. Pattern pieces were cut and the doll was sewn and ready to stuff. It seemed strange to re-visit a previous pattern and to be working with muslin for a doll. The muslin is quite heavy (thick) and only mitten hands can be made with this fabric.

Cloth Doll WIP by Bethann Scott 2016


Jan Conwell said...

I love the high color is this doll's face. The concept of getting snagged on a project during "studio cleaning" is a familiar one to me. ;~)

The Stitch Fiddler said...

Glad you like the high color Jan.

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