Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Yarn for Doll's Hair

I haven't used yarn for doll hair in years.  Today I sewed a weft of hair using the yarn and hand stitched it to her head. Her hair is quite full.

This photo shows the strands placed on 2" tape.

Using a small stitch, I sew down the middle of the yarn and tape.

The tape is gently removed.

 I fold the yarn in half and stitch close to the edge.

This is what the yarn looks like when finished and ready to sew to the doll's head.

The doll receiving her hair by hand stitching in place using a back stitch.

The doll is stuffed and ready for me to attach her legs and arms. It looks like she's becoming an "Alice In Wonderland"


Mary Ann said...

Definitely Alice in Wonderland :)

Sherri Farley said...

Great hair, I love it!

Jan Conwell said...

I've been wanting to make a Raggedy Ann (well, a version of one) and had thought of doing this--thank you for the step by step photos!

The Stitch Fiddler said...

Doll hair is definitely a task but well worth the effort.

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