Friday, November 25, 2016


This Father Christmas doll is made in a more traditional style wearing a red wool coat trimmed in white. I had to do a little work on the cart. It needed stained and I added twigs for the sheep to pull the cart. I also made a leather harness for the lamb. In some ways I hope this one doesn't sell because I would love to keep this one for me.

Folk Art Father Christmas with Sheep by Bethann Scott ©2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016

GINGERBREAD FATHER CHRISTMAS~ Bethann Scott~ The Stitch Fiddler

Wow another week has passed by, where does time go? In the past week I'm managed to finish a couple of Gingerbread Father Christmas dolls. I also have three that need their clothing. After these Father Christmas dolls are done, I'm moving on to do a few Snowmen.  I'm just not the kind of artist that likes to make dolls in a production style process and prefer one doll at a time. But Christmas is different and it's the time of year I can indulge in my "Folk Art" style.

 Father Christmas by Bethann Scott ©2016

Folk Art Santa Claus Doll by Bethann Scott ©2016