Thursday, July 11, 2013


I've been working on a new doll for weeks now. Designing is hard work. I wanted to make a seated doll that could sit alone without help. Not satisfied with the body yet, but with practice comes perfection.The torsos and arms are piling up and I've been experimenting with different fabrics. Not all cottons react the same either!
Cloth Doll Body WIPs by Bethann Scott  ©2013

Cloth Doll Body WIP by Bethann Scott ©2013  

Since I was in the experimenting mood, I tried something new with the painting process. I painted the entire body a flesh color using textile paint and Liquitex Fabric Medium. I don't paint the cloth fabric unless it is for gloves or shoes. But this time I painted the entire body and head with a flesh base color. I had no idea how the color pencils would take on the face. I barely touched the doll and there was color! I think it was a little harder to control.


Sherri Farley said...

Very fascinating to see the process.
The seated girl looks great, can't wait to see what she becomes. The raised arm intrigues me. I love seeing the faces come alive!

Mary Ann said...

Very interesting. I have painted bodies before but is was more of a primitive look. I've never used Liqitex Fabric Medium. It does give a different look. I like it:) I like how you have created the sitting position....very smart.