Friday, April 26, 2013


 Today I added color to her face.  This is my first doll with "teeth".

 I wasn't satisfied with the first body I made. It was shorter than the original pattern. Here is what the body is suppose to look like.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Elusive Butterfly Doll by Bethann Scott
Designer: Cindee Moyer
Here she is Finished! Recently I signed up to take Cindee Moyer's online doll class
 "Elusive Butterfly". I really enjoyed the class and learned how to make sunflowers and a butterfly net too! I'm pleased with how she turned out.

I chose a beautiful greenish blue rayon fabric for the sleeves and bodice and found some lovely fringe style trim to embellish the sleeves. Her skirt is made using 100% silk in a gorgeous blue.

I loved how she looked even from the back view.
Below is taken at a different angle to show the trim on her hat.

I'm so glad I took Cindee Moyers doll class.
Thank-you Cindee for a lovely doll.

Monday, April 8, 2013


I'm making some progress on this little Elf.  I added his head, ears and arms to the body. He stands 12 1/2" high at the ears. A smaller doll than I am use to. I wasn't able to articulate his tiny little fingers because it was too difficult turning them with this type of fabric. I followed Mimi's fabulous instructions but just couldn't accomplish it....sigh.... so I did the next best thing which was a sculpted hand. The micro suede fabric is much more fragile than muslin or cotton.
 I had to be very careful when stuffing the fabric as not to poke a is not a forgiving fabric. I've never painted on this type of fabric so I did a practice head and I love the painting effects that this fabric yields...very different. Maybe the next elf will be done in muslin to see the difference.

Elf Boy WIP by Bethann Scott

The next step is making him a wig and sewing his clothing. He will have pants, shirt, vest, hat and elf shoes. He will be toting a bag on the end of his stick. Hope it will hold or I will have to make an armature stick.Mimi Winer did an exceptional job with her detailed instructions and plenty of pictures too!

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