Friday, February 21, 2014


Doll by Bethann Scott ©2014

Doll by Bethann Scott ©2014
Funny how the background color can change the appearance of the doll. Not sure which one I like better. The white background seems to soften the face a I redid the photo shoot during daylight.

I changed my mind on the floral print fabric and went with a copper brown dupioni silk for her skirt. I used silk for the sleeves. Her hat is a little wooden lid that I painted, added a bead and secured with a vintage glass hair pin. It's kind of a quirky, whimsy style....something new for me.

Paper Clay Art Doll by Bethann Scott ©2014

 Her little handbag is a wicker basket lid embellished with a rosette. Her shoes are painted, embellished with cord and brown rosettes.


Purrfect Lady said...

Oh my goodness, I wasn't at all sure about this style of doll when I first looked .... but she's absolutely gorgeous! I think the choice of the plain dupioni silk was absolutely right :)
Lesley xxx

Mary Ann said...

I absolutely agree...she's amazing. You are so talented:) What class are you going to take next?

Judi Hunziker said...

Fabulous job! I love her outfit and her hair is beautiful Bethann.

The Stitch Fiddler said...

Thank-you Lesley, I wasn't sure either. Ankie's dolls have a fun whimsical and slight quirky style that I wanted to try and I'm glad I did. She was an interesting doll to make. I would never use the elements like the wood hat and the basket lid handbag if I didn't try new styles.

The Stitch Fiddler said...

Thank-you Mary Ann, I've been searching for a new online class.

I'm considering "Baby On The Moon" with Diane Keeler that starts in March (A For Artistic)

I would have taken Marlaines Verhelst class called "Facial Expressions" to learn how to sculpt different faces....but in the descriptions she states she doesn't teach "how to sculpt" each face. I'm eager to learn more I passed on this one (A For Artistic)

I'm also thinking about "I Hope You Dance" with Cindee Moyer that starts in April on Joggles. She's a beautiful doll.

Just wish Angela Jarecki would release more online classes. I love her dolls and they so inspire me. I love her combination of colors and beading. I'm waiting for her "Reluctance" online class she said she was working on.

The Stitch Fiddler said...

Thank-you Judi. I love using the red Tibetan lamb's wool. Red is my favorite color.

Abi said...

She is amazing! infact, she looks like the real deal!
I usually love dark backgrounds, but the white seems to work better in this instance.

Mary Ann said...

Hi Bethann...I'm a bit behind on my blogging. If you ever hear that Angela is doing her "Reluctance" class let me know and I'll do likewise for you. I love that doll and she would be wonderful to make.

Shashi Nayagam said...

She is beautiful. You did a great job

The Stitch Fiddler said...

Thank-you Abi and Shashi.