Friday, November 13, 2015

Leather Doll Shoes

I decided to make a pair of leather shoes for the Witch Corrine Doll. I didn't want to cover up her pretty velveteen tights so I made them ankle height. Now she's complete.

Leather Doll Shoes by Bethann Scott


 In the previous post I sewed a cotton mock up blouse. I liked the full sleeve but not the bulk. So off came the blouse. Originally I planned on sewing a chemise and bloomers, but as I worked a different style emerged. Not the typical witch costume I sew.
Witch Art Doll by Bethann Scott © 2015

I sewed a mermaid style dress with godet inserts. Since the dress is form fitting bloomers wouldn't do so I sewed her velveteen tights. With the velveteen tights there is almost no need for shoes. 
It's been awhile since I named a doll, but this one may be named Corrine and yes, she is a witch.

Cloth Art Doll by Bethann Scott © The Stitch Fiddler