Friday, February 12, 2016

HAND SEWN EYELETS ~Bethann Scott ~ The Stitch Fiddler

For my next doll I designed what I call a Tinker Bell style bodice that laces up the front. I seldom like adding grommets even though I have the power riveter and hole punch tools. I'd rather hand sew the eyelets using the buttonhole stitch.

Hand Sewn Eyelets by Bethann Scott "The Stitch Fiddler" ©2016

Hand Sewn Eyelets by Bethann Scott "The Stitch Fiddler" ©2016

Tinker Bell style Bodice by Bethann Scott "The Stitch Fiddler" ©2016 


Judi Hunziker said...

Oh my goodness, such beautiful workmanship, you should be very pleased!

Sherri Farley said...

Beautiful stitching that make it so special!

Jan Conwell said...

Such beautiful work! I know how tedious the hand sewn eyelets are--we used them for SCA garb. Can't wait to see the doll this goes on!

Chip Butter said...

Beautiful stitching Bethann! I spent a lot of time earlier this winter practicing these very stitches. I can't wait to see the lucky doll that gets to wear this beautiful bodice!

The Stitch Fiddler said...

Thank-you Judi, Sherri, Jan and Mary.