Thursday, January 28, 2016


The last couple of days I added a little more detail to complete the doll. I attached her wings, added to her sleeves and shoulders and gave her the moth "antanae". I tried several materials and colors for the antanae including feathers and stiffened fabric. I wasn't pleased with any of the results. The last resort, which I liked, was craft wire. I think I'm finished.

COLUMBIA MOTH FAIRY  by Bethann Scott ©2016

Sunday, January 24, 2016


My first doll for 2016 was inspired by The Columbia Silkmoth. The work began with a simple idea and I found myself pondering for hours how to go about constructing her outfit. 

MOTH FAIRY DOLL WIP By Bethann Scott © 2016

I wanted to make a whimsical and fun character with a splash of color. As I worked she evolved as did the wings. There's still work to be done before she's finished. Since she's a "Moth Fairy" I should give her insect antanae but I think they look strange. I will have to experiment.

Friday, January 1, 2016


A new year has begun and with the new year comes "New Year Resolutions". Over the years I've pondered in my mind what I would like to change but feel a spoken resolution was like making a "promise to myself". There's nothing wrong with making yourself a promise, but I've always taken the words "I promise" very seriously. To promise to do something was definite, it wasn't a "I will try" but rather "I will do".

Is a resolution a promise, a definite decision to change something?

Resolving to do something takes self determination, perseverance and strength, mental strength to follow through with that earnest decision to solve, to deal with or to settle something in our lives that need a change. And what better time to make a change than the beginning of a new year.