Thursday, March 22, 2018

Making a Landscape Quilt for my Dolls

The past three weeks I've been busy sewing raw edge applique onto a beautiful blue linen fabric. All the applique work is hand stitched in place. My idea was to make a landscape style quilt as a backdrop for my dolls. This is my first try and I'm not finished yet. I may add more fabric pieces to the green area at the bottom, I need to tweak a few things and make this into a quilt. 
I purchased a free motion embroidery quilt foot for my sewing machine which arrived in the mail a few days ago. I've never layered a quilt before so I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope it turns out okay in the end.

To Get A Larger View Click On The Photo


  1. This is so very cool. It's mysterious and artful. WOW.

  2. Well, Jan beat me to the mysterious, so I'll just say this is marvelous! I'm sure you are counting the stitches that go into it...right? :~) I thought of you today when I was drafting a pattern. Wish you would come on down and help me! I recently got a free motion embroidery foot for my machine. I really came in handy for patching a tear in our favorite bed sheet.

  3. Thanks Chip Butter, I like marvelous too! There were way too many stitches to count and if I attempt this again, I have another plan to make it go faster. I wish I could come on down and help that would be great. Sometimes I wish there was a meeting place for us doll makers to get together every now and then.
    I'm eager to see what you do with that free motion embroidery foot. I've done the free motion a couple of times with my older machine but not with this one.

  4. What a fabulous idea and very beautiful:)

  5. Thank-you Mary Ann. I'd love to do another one.