Saturday, January 25, 2014


African American Doll Couple by Bethann Scott
The African American doll set is finished. I sewed him a plaid shirt using poplin and denim overalls.


Laura said...

Oh, I just love these, Bethann! I have a question for you paint your faces? And, if so, what kind of paint do you find works best?
These turned out so are one talented lady!

Sweet blessings,

The Stitch Fiddler said...

Hello Laura, Yes, I do paint the faces. It's quite a combination of paints. I've experimented enough to know what works for me. It's somewhat of a trade secret for now until I release some copyrighted patterns. I've been asked to make some patterns and planned do so last year...but timing was off. There are 3-4 patterns for different dolls that I hope to complete in the future. We will see.

Laura said...

That sounds so exciting, Bethann! And I completely understand about not revealing your "secrets" yet! I've experimented a bit with paint...but find I seem to do better with embroidered faces on my dolls. I would like to try more with paint, though...I think you can get so much more expression this way. Thanks for getting back to me...

Have a wonderful weekend!